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网上打字兼职|太原企业"What hard armor!" Zhang Fei frowned, But see each other's armor is not leather armor, It's a metal armor, Not thick, but ordinary foot soldiers cut up the sword, it is difficult to kill each other in the first time, often take two or three attacks to break each other's defense, and on the battlefield, rapidly changing, a moment to fix life and death, which have so many opportunities, often after a knife failed, was cut off the head by each other's slashing sword.Zhang fei personally, several times rushed up to the wall, and was driven down by zhang ren, and at the same time zhuge liang and a team, want to break the enemy grain, but pang tong saw through in time, life wei with elite interception along the way, both sides in deyang city outside a contact war, finally shu army routed back."No, it 's tung oil. Retreat!" Several alert shooting sound battalion soldiers smell the pungent smell, face can not help but a change, hurriedly turned to climb out of the trenches, but it is too late, behind the trenches, has climbed out of a JingXiang soldiers, will have ignited the torch into the trenches.

"Why should I tell you?" Wu into cold hum a way.Bang Dang ~"Why should the general chagrin, today you fight guan yu, general prestige, will spread throughout the world in a few days. He Qi see tardif came back safely, but is relieved, smell speech can not help smiling explanation way.网上打字兼职|"Do you really mean it?" Li Hunwen speech eyes a bright, Accept lyu3 bu4 most difficult to let these families accept, Not lyu3 bu4 can't bring them benefits, but lyu3 bu4 took away their position, simply put, before the family annexed land, that rely on these lands to survive the people, naturally revered the family, but lyu3 bu4 now took away, although there is compensation, and profit is very rich, but some things, is money can't buy.

网上打字兼职|"Perhaps." Lv Zheng smell speech did not answer directly, twist a head to look at XiongKuo sea way: "XiongShu, tonight you are afraid to take charge of the overall situation, Wang Shuanggang Yong, but the lack of general strategy, can not control the overall situation.""Sze-yuen, how about that?" Pang tong back, wei hurriedly meet up.Tardif rushed to qua, is met with guan yu army attack, in the crowd, but see guan yu helmet penetration armor, armed with a long knife, commanding the army siege, small qua county, under the attack of guan yu, like a boat in the storm, at any time may break the city.

Tardif immediately rose red, into is not, also is not back, look into the tent, guan yu sat outside the tent, armor in all four flat, a pair of red phoenix eyes narrowed slightly, look into tardif's eyes, the disdain is no taboo, see tardif, angry dantian, long track: "tardif son righteousness, how to YuanMen already opened, you?"Chapter one hundred and fifteen tracing the cause of the troops"Send our orders, each camp will keep the city, without my generals, no one can go to war without permission." Zhuge liang smell speech, but shook his head, if only wei three thousand soldiers, zhuge liang is dare to let zhang fei once again, but pang tong brought but shu army, troops even pressure themselves, in this case, offensive and defensive transposition, defensive side instead more advantage.网上打字兼职|





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