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谷俊山 维基百科|环卫洒水车"Let him in." Lv bu nodded. I heard that sun quan had sent a messenger recently.For a long time, lyu3 bu4 open eyes, see to all way: "everyone rest assured, which weight, I cent clear, send troops expensive frost, impossible, if that is really my kind... "Five years ago, zhou yu took advantage of the north and cao cao jingzhou army main force to lay siege to luoyang, on liu table back ground with a knife, jiangxia, slay Huang Zufu, migration Jiang Xiazhi people into the Yangtze river, this is jiangxia want to turned into a military town, become the bridgehead of jiangdong scoring jingzhou, but fall short, jingzhou army back at a critical moment, liu bei was palm relieving, plus 2 will be the most closed, Jiang Dongjun in jiangxia shaky, living out of jiangxia by liu bei.

With the waving of the flag, dozens of scouts galloped out and galloped around the circular camp. Soon after, the scouts came back and said to xia houyuan, "general, the whole ye city is surrounded by this strange barracks, with partitions blocking it.Heart face originally hold a son of anger, now see these damned qiang people even his subordinates dare to fight, immediately great anger, down the wall, someone led to war horse, Yang ren directly transferred five hundred army momentum rushed to the outside of the city.CAI MAO did not go to the rescue of the south door, but with the horse to kill kuai home.谷俊山 维基百科|This time, Wei Yanhe pang brought no ordinary forces, is the city of chang 'an, as lu bu moved to luoyang, five elite with lyu3 bu4 south, chang 'an the status of the sentinels natural and lost its original meaning, but they are still lyu3 bu4 under one of the few elite, perhaps not five to be strong, but it is far more than ordinary soldiers, and that the killing of dental laboratories honed ShaQi connect together of the time, although only five thousand five hundred people, but let a person the feeling of facing the sea, britons and even can find a lot of soldiers in the xiao qi under the body shiver involuntarily.

谷俊山 维基百科|"Huh?" Zhao dewenyan was surprised to see that these troops did not attack the city, nor did they move the siege equipment. Instead, they started to build a wall at a distance of three arrows from the city wall.Actually not Zang bully is too weak, as day by day camp lyu3 bu4 under one of the most elite five horses, every soldier is under a good soldier of lyu3 bu4 policy, level 1 level 1 selected, each is a elite, coupled with the guanzhong greatly improve weapon, these five years is five new weapon equipment, if she is zhang liao's military forces, although also elite, but the weapon armor couldn't keep up with, it is impossible to several batman will Zang bully such a war were killed, and five of any one of an ordinary soldier, in general in the army is also at least tuen long level, if on the governors, Mo said zang ba was a man like ma chao. Dozens of them came to fight with him. If they didn't have good weapons and armour, they would have to stop fighting.

"Good." Liu bei nodded his head without hesitation.No one would have thought that someone would dare to assassinate lv bu at the gate of the imperial palace. Lv bu did not believe it either. Therefore, when a dozen people dressed in various colors appeared around him with long swords, they could not help but sigh at their courage."Maidservant dare not say, that your frost emissary is really so said, she said that the Lord when alone into the xianbei court, to her...... Later, the Lord broke xianbei and put her back into guishuang. She had a 10-year engagement with the Lord." The maid bowed.谷俊山 维基百科|




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