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宝贝把它掏出来憋不住了|机器人手拉车A recruit diversion, if you think carefully, can be said to calculate every step of their own, the terrible layout ability, not d the reckless can think of, is Chen palace?Today's books, mostly to bamboo paper to record, even if want to write more, also have to hand-copied, time-consuming don't say, more need a large number of readers to help, alone this, lyu3 bu4 currently can't do.

Xun yu didn't speak, just nodded, admitted the country's point of view, zhong yao is second, the most important, or then lyu3 bu4 attitude, cao cao obviously don't want to see lyu3 bu4 figure on the battlefield, if lyu3 bu4 really turn to help lombardi, that for cao cao, it is a disaster.Zhou Cang approached the fire quietly, Face to face with a west cool army finally found the uninvited guest, Just want to cry, zhou cang shake hands will be in the hands of the flying knife, the result of his life, waist bronze sword followed out of sheath, cold awn flashed, two heads rolling down, two short screams from the distance, then disappeared, zhou cang rose to look at, thirty elite trapped camp fighters have completed their tasks, converged towards this side."No problem. If there's nothing else, somebody goes out first." XiongKuoHai carelessly waved, a hold up the body of the handsome, toward the door.宝贝把它掏出来憋不住了|"Let me introduce you to the general." Zhang Xiu smiled and said, "This gentleman's name is inconvenient to reveal, but he is one of the three counsellors under the master's account. He has a strategy in mind and a military strategy in his chest. The general calls him Mr. Li."

宝贝把它掏出来憋不住了|"Son of a bitch, dare to fight with me!?" Cao Pengwen speech great anger, howl, clap to wei.Even if not to inquire, ma dai also know, west cool, I'm afraid to change!"You ~" Baishui Hao Shuai smell speech, can not help but smother, see north palace from stare, unconsciously retreated two steps, a few days ago, north palace from but beat all over Montenegro invincible existence, ask him to kill, is to be killed.

"On behalf of the huns will no longer fear, Can be in Jincheng, west Gansu, Hanyang, All the way into the West Cool, Xiongnu is how to treat the han people, I think I don't need to say, you should be very clear, once we retreat here, you can protect a life, but our family, our hometown, will cry and cry under the shoes of the huns, our children will be brutally killed by the huns, our wives will be spoiled by the huns! "Martial arts will know, pick bow and arrow, arrow cluster broken, an arrow into the "soldier" body, the "soldier" unexpectedly did not even have any reaction.West cool in the army, cavalry, if he now out of the city chase, under the enemy's cavalry charge, instead will suffer a lot.宝贝把它掏出来憋不住了|




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