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暗之传道师东莞黄页网"Oh ~" zhang fei nodded, did not dare to refute liu bei, three brothers, with three thousand men and horses quickly to nanyang gallop, leaving dust flying in the sky.< / p > < p > the judge looked at the figure of yuan shang, suddenly some cold feeling, although yuan shang in many aspects with yuan shao is very similar, but more than yuan shao mean oligosathetic, such a moment, about the safety of jizhou, but also want to calculate Allies, not can't, but can't be hereAfter cao cao and yuan shang completed the division of the battle in September, the transfer of troops quickly attracted lv bu's attention."Oh?" With a look of surprise in lv bu's eyes, li ru smiled and said, "it seems that cao meng DE is worried that our troops will steal camp and take the initiative to send troops to the rear to set up a camp.

In the camp, sounded a burst of suppressed cheers, liu bei greatly to CAI MAO bowed a bow: "the preparation of the three armed forces officers and men of the great commander xie rende!"Chapter 72 machine front"Well!" The mighty sea roared, with a group of slaves began to regroup, this time no longer as before rampaging, but regularly occupied key points everywhere, compress the enemy's living space.暗之传道师"No, the Lord has not said to start, the subordinates dare not start." Li shuxiang shouted.

暗之传道师"Yi DE, that's why I dare not take you there!" Liu bei hated iron not to become steel of looking at zhang fei, bitter way: "you my brothers 3 people, since the chaos of the yellow turban already acquaintance, the intersection, this nearly 20 years come, big rise and fall greatly, experienced numerous strong wind big wave, for the elder brother can have censure you? Now I wait for a good foothold jingxiang, CAI MAO easy to kill, but after killing him? You and I continue to roam the world? If so, when?""I met duke xuande." Lv lingqi saw zhaoyun one eye, can be in the heart that breath hold back go down, slightly a salute."Good-bye." Zhaoyun eyes complex looked at liu bei one eye, silently nodded, pulled lu lingqi's bridle, with lu lingqi has been the road walk.

"Hum!" There was a yellow light in his eyes, and of course it was not the matter that he wanted to know, but the fact that it was only a matter of importance that he could not explain.The main general of Montenegro army, just in so a period of time was killed by lu bu a clean, the rest of the people, staring at lu bu, although the siege is now, but that surging power and now with lu bu's mood overflows the killing machine diffuse to come, thousands of Montenegro army dare not a voice."Brother zhongling, how dare he... How dare... Is he not afraid to make an enemy of the corporal?" An old man looked at the center of the crowd, was beheaded off the head, gas can not say words, three days, at least 20 family children because of various reasons were pulled out of the gate beheaded, want to refute, the hands of the people have reason, the owner also stood up to testify this matter, threat? Ha, lu bu now bing feng transit, although the family will have a family of soldiers, but how to fight with zhang liao under those hundred battle fields of the tiger and Wolf division?暗之传道师




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