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美国缩表马戏团干扰器视频"Kongming, now my lord according to harmony cool and ji you northern five states, shu has also been half into my master's territory, the world has been half, look out of the hu, only know lyu3 bu4 and don't know the han, people support, people's livelihood, the world is in sight, why do you go against heaven? Liu2 bei4 can't win, as I go back to luoyang, with your talent, seal hou worship phase in the future may not be unable. "Pang Tong sat in his seat, looking at zhuge liang, said seriously.Qua, guan yu after eating a meal, has gone to sleep, xing Daorong received tracing the cause of the arrival of the army, although some unbearable, will still wake up guan yu, this time, no guan yu sit not?

"Get up, General Cheng." Lu Zheng waved his hand to Su Rong and said, "You don't have to ask me much about the next thing, just do what I say."Construction, Sun Quan residence."The war, in fact, according to the identity, should be led by me to war zhuge kongming, but my father did not give me this right, even from the beginning, the general power to pang tong is in charge, because I have not even commanded the battle of tens of thousands of people. Speaking of which, Lu Zheng sighed: "Young Chang may not know, Since I was eight years old, He was forced by his father to hide his name to do county collectors, not county magistrates, county collectors, nine years old in the western regions, with hundreds of people long identity conquering the western regions hu, a year, from a small hundred people long has been promoted to the western regions under the general house, personally kill the enemy 246 people, break dayuan thousands of people battle, more participated in the war of dayuan destroy the country. "美国缩表After some even said changan king or luoyang king, was ousted directly from the hall.

美国缩表"General, guan yu to withdraw!" Outside the city, he qi has begun to command soldiers into the city, tracing the cause, a few jiangdong generals looked at tracing the cause of excitement."What's on your mind?" Lv Zheng smiled at Xie Cheng, who had fallen to the ground. He shook his head and said, "I am the son of Lv Bu. Don't take me for a defenceless man! It will be bad luck.""Dang-Dang-Dang-Dang ~"

"Wei Yen-hsiao, can you dare to come out and fight the Third Master?" Zhang fei holding zhang eight snake spear, came to the front of the two armies, glanced at the formation of the guanzhong army, the bottom of my heart secretly sigh the guanzhong army at the same time, leaping forward, invited to wei."Go!" Guan yu stuffy hum 1, will the surge of anger pressure down, with the troops to the direction of YinLing gallop.Is not lu su heart hard, but at the moment he even if have the heart to open the city to save people, also want to worry about whether guan yu will immediately launch a surprise attack, guarding the spirit of the city soldiers has reached the limit, just relax at the moment, if guan yu take advantage of this time to attack again, the city may be breached at any time.美国缩表




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