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河南大蒜最新价格波乐美乳霜"Get back!" Xiongkuo sea side, let go of each other's pike, followed by a kick out, a kick in each other's chest, accompanied by a harsh bone crack sound, the warrior of the whole chest depression, the body is kicked out, will be followed by a few QinWei knocked down, fell back into the army, has no sound.These bamboo poles have been sharpened, the distance and near, by the water of jiangdong soldiers struggling to throw, easily throughout the body of jingzhou soldiers, tardif leapt out of the water, drank, has carried the halberd straight to xing daorong."Yes!" Zhang Fei smell speech, eyes a bright.

"I had already seen them when I arrived, and Ling Ming was talking about the trenches outside the city, wasn't he?" Wei nodded and sat on the throne, he and blanc have seen the crisscross trenches outside the city of nanyang."Come on, you 're goe to take care of it!" Zhuge liang face, harsh voice way.Many times, The more complex the problem, Often is the simpler the mind the easier it is to think of, rattan shield defense more than wood shield, and the texture is very light, indeed even if add a layer, for the soldiers, also don't have too much impact, but the defense is equal to double, so, don't say completely, but the guanzhong army crossbow can cause damage will be doubled.河南大蒜最新价格"You..." Xie Yun heart a sink, looked at Wang Shuang's eyes gradually poor up: "general forgive me, this military order, please forgive me at the end of the difficult to obey, someone, take it down!"

河南大蒜最新价格"At the end of the day!" Hung wide sea a hand, sink a track."What's the matter? What's that punk Samoc doing?" Zhang fei and surprised and angry, at the moment sand mo ke five creek pretty soldiers retreated, he not only have to face the pressure of zhang ren and deng xian, wei may press up at any time.Are these jiangdong family, has secretly begun to collude with lyu3 bu4?

With the command of guan yu, the troops left in the city quickly went up the wall, originally under the onslaught of pan zhang began to precarious south city was quickly stabilized.If guan yu know each other's idea, will shake his head and tell each other, you want to think more, he just want to let the soldiers trim well, but not so many ideas, just the effect, did play a tired role, these two days of time, guarding the city of soldiers has always been in a state of mental tension.Two hundred steps within range, even Teng Dun also can't block the crossbow attack in the guanzhong, that a dense cluster of arrows, see around the pad jiang soldiers heart cold, the guanzhong army after all how rich, so don't want money to the mountain arrow cluster.河南大蒜最新价格




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