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股评网粒粒瘦Somehow, hear the news, yan yan instead breathed a sigh of relief, if the other party is wei yan department such elite words, don't say one hundred and thirty thousand, even half, yan yan all have a kind of impulse to immediately disarm, that really can't play.Often both sides a little bit of small action, not yet have time to play, was seen through by the opponent."Unfortunately, if you can hold on for a little longer, the tomb may be broken." Xing Daorong not without regret.

Many tired soldiers regardless of the stench, a buttocks sitting on the ground, gasping for breath, across the wall, full of corpses radiate spread to the distance, farther away, is guan yu's camp.Chapter one hundred low-level confrontationLyu3 bu4 sealing the news of the king, liu bei some lost standing on the river, looking at rolling the yangtze river, but in the heart is born a bitter.股评网War not ten, has been defeated like dew, at this time, zhou tai fleet also leaned ashore, jingzhou soldiers can't resist, began to retreat, Xing Daorong more force war tardif ten, tardif a halberd slay.

股评网"I am indeed clever, at least cleverer than you." Lv Zheng is not annoyed, smiled and said: "But this is not the main reason, better than you also show no ability."Zhuge liang smell speech, silently nodded, if the rattan armor is really so fierce, to it as a surprise, but can harvest wonders."Prepare for battle!" Li yan hate hate waved, the other side of the troops are not in a hurry to siege, but with the help of floating board, began between the trenches, chasing down jingzhou soldiers, at the same time will be after the siege equipment began to move this way, li yan also know at the moment is not the time of pain and loss, under his command, a big shield stood on the wall of nanyang city.

"Ah, at such a young age, so arrogant and arrogant!" Ma disdain sneer at a way."What are our weaknesses?" Zhang fei stared.For tracing the cause, guan yu nature know, before sun liu, also had a honeymoon period, in guan yu's view, tracing the cause has no experience with troops, a command so big a battle, that is not to find death is what, so also didn't mind, let Xing Daorong continue to revise the wall for war, sleep in the past.股评网




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