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王俊凯备考被围观|百纳影视"Brother, truce?" Guan yu looked at liu bei in surprise."Liu zhang, not out to die!"When normal troops were attacked by the enemy, they would inevitably lose their heads or lose their morale. But in the eyes of these barbarians, there was no such emotion at all.

"The Lord is at ease, the subordinates will start." Xun you slightly a bow way."But does justice have a plan to teach me?" < / p > < p > liu zhang saw huang quan out, complexion is not a happy, although he had done before huang quan, but huang quan has been a loyal servant in shu, should...... About...... You'll help yourself out.Two days later, before liu returned to langzhong, pang tong was already in hanzhong王俊凯备考被围观|Now the world is not decided, lu bu can not use all the energy in shu, and only from the central plains, it is obvious that the central plains is the best choice for lu bu next.

王俊凯备考被围观|The presence of the hussar guards often represented lu bu's attitude, and no one was allowed to question it. However, the people in shu did not know this, so they had to take precautions to spread the news about the position of the hussar guards in the military system under lu bu."Yes, the general should know what would happen if he rushed in like that." "Said monda bitterly.Wave a hand, behind 100 tiger guard soldiers quickly stopped, deputy head forward, doubt looked at the tiger guard head a: "how?"

"Good, good! < / p > < p > housekeeper meng da finally let go, hurried to nod a promise, under the leadership of meng da, two people one after one has been out of chengdu."Well!" The steward quickly nodded and left.When he returned home, his complexion was livid, and his complexion was gloomy and terrible. No one in the palace dared to see his master's face王俊凯备考被围观|




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