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吴青峰晒旧照|桑葚产地"Why is the general coming back now?" The gate of the garrison to see the other side's flag and armor, slightly relieved, waved, motioned to the soldiers open the gate.At the moment of lu bu, if you insist on to look at the central plains, the best results, is a lose-lose situation, after all, now is not time to die, cao yuan when lombardi is the trend of The Times, jiangdong sun ce dieth, internal chaos, liu table by family, lyu3 bu4 busy consolidation in the west, add richness of Carthage itself is very, will dare to call directly the central plains."Do I have a choice? Liu ye shook his head bitterly.

"Your ladyship is very grateful not to scold me." Lu bu joked, trying to keep the atmosphere relaxed.Wei yan raised the broadsword in his hand, and all the men quickly raised the crossbow in his hand, pointing to the air with the movement of the flag.The rules are similar to football, but not with the kick, the ball is a hollow wooden ball, each side has a goal, players with the hand club hit the polo, each other attack and defense, the ball into the other side's goal, a limited time, the goal of the most the party, win.吴青峰晒旧照|"Exactly." Lyu3 bu4 say with smile, if it was five years ago, perhaps just buckle down, but this-time-is-different, lyu3 bu4 now the king was not peanuts, but in fact, all the nations to the, less than the emperor, how much, this shameful things, he also really do not to come out, the real power, the cast by its own charm to attract talent, rather than against, make people laugh at.

吴青峰晒旧照|"Left handed?" The other side strange Angle lets lyu3 bu4 avoid the other side attack while, discover after death this brings the assassin of crisis feeling to oneself, what use is left hand sword actually."What is it? Gu shao did not understand."What if it can't be taken back?" Madam tensely pull zhang lu's arm way.

"One of those assassins was captured and has now confessed." Zhang liao disdains a way."Run?" CAI MAO mouth pull a taunts, then is a anger, in your eyes, I CAI MAO will only run?吴青峰晒旧照|





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